The different projects led by our team reached important milestones in 2021. As highlighted in this report, in March we started enrolling participants in the ICARIA trial (1); 20% of the total sample had been recruited by December. In October 2021, we published the study protocol of MAMAH (2) and in November we completed enrolment of participants in the trial, which will evaluate the safety and efficacy of an alternative preventive malaria treatment for pregnant women with HIV. Linked to this trial, we launched MA-CoV in an effort to understand the burden and effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection during pregnancy in women living in malaria-endemic areas with a high prevalence of HIV infection (3). And regarding COVID-19, we completed the enrolment and follow-up of participants in our COVID-Preg trial (4). In this regard, in early 2021 we published an opinion paper on the need for a global COVID-19 maternal immunisation research plan (5).

Other trials in which we participate, such as the GRACE vaccine trial for maternal immunisation against RSV and the VITAL project, focusing on vaccines for the elderly population, were also launched during 2021.

Finally, we published the results of our Zika-Preg study, showing that exposure to Zika virus infection was associated with poor pregnancy outcomes and delayed neurodevelopmental development in 33% of children evaluated (6).

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