Throughout 2021, we continued generating evidence on the health effects of exposure to radiation in medical settings. In the framework of the European MELODI workshop, we reviewed the state of knowledge on the effect of low doses of ionising radiation on cognitive development and identified lessons learned and research gaps (1). The MEDIRAD project—aimed at improving the radiation protection of patients and medical staff—started drafting its final recommendations (2), while the HARMONIC project—aimed at better understanding the long-term health effects of radiation exposure in children—made headway with several tasks, including the recruitment of the first paediatric cancer patients (3).

Regarding exposure to non-ionising radiation, we investigated the association between sleep and exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones and other devices in pre-adolescents (4).

Our researchers were also actively involved in developing and coordinating ISGlobal activities related to preparedness and response to public health and environmental crises, including the publication of a policy paper.

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